Rockwell Automation received a Corporate Recognition Award from Toastmasters International on November 3.

“Toastmasters International recognizes Rockwell Automation for enhancing employee engagement through continuing support of Toastmasters’ Communication and Leadership programs November 2016.”
The criteria are

• Has sponsored a Toastmasters clubs for more than two years
• Has the potential to sponsor more clubs
• Provides membership dues
• Provides meeting locations
• Actively encourages employees to join the corporate club

Thank you Rockwell Automation!

Beat the Clock

Great job to everyone who helped recruit and sign up 5 new ROK the Talk members in May and June of 2016.  This helped our club “Beat the Clock”, the annual membership campaign within Toastmasters that takes place in the last two months of the organization’s fiscal year.  Welcome to Mike L, Sarah H, Ted T, Dmitry L, Sharon C.